About Me

Miguel's real estate career started at age 17, right here in San Diego.

In senior year of high school, Miguel started working for his godfather in real estate. Most of those days were spent making cold calls and attending open houses-but the whole process fascinated him. He was hooked.

Fast forward to 2001. The housing market was booming, and Miguel was lucky to have discovered his knack for real estate. He worked in a real estate firm and managed to balance two other jobs. Shortly after, he was recruited by his brother in law and migrated into a full time mortgage consultant and financing position. Things were going well.

Then the housing market crashed. Bank after bank crumbled.

Miguel doggedly worked through it all. In the middle of that unprecedented housing market crisis, Carlos Aguilar, a successful real estate agent in San Diego, saw Miguel's determination and recruited him to eventually become a sales agent. Miguel took on the challenge of short sales, a job nobody else wanted because of the tedious and complicated pocess for these type of transactions. It saved his career.

Just six years later, he was living in a Banker's Hill with his real estate license and an undying passion for real estate, specifically neighboring Downtown San Diego. Unlike the quiet suburbs surrounding San Diego's heart center, Downtown San Diego was energetic and vibrant. The pace of downtown was something Miguel had grown accustomed to and downtown's housing market was booming.

In 2014, Miguel helped co-launch a real estate company in downtown San Diego. Unlike other bigger real estate firms, the boutique agency was laser-focused on downtown San Diego-from buying and selling to even leasing and property management. Miguel knew downtown inside and out, and because of his expertise, he knew how to help people find what they exactly wanted in the ultra competitive market.

Four years later, Miguel now forges ahead with his own brand. His clients come from across the country and globe to work with him, and for good reason. Clients describe him as "extremely patient and understanding", "knowledgeable", "caring", and "reliable".

Miguel has become the go-to expert for all things real estate and lifestyle-related in southern California, New York City and Miami.